This is So Awesome!

“I want to thank you for being a mobile dental hygienist! This is so awesome! I can’t tell you how much we appreciated you.”

Making my Wife More Comfortable

“Thank you for your services! I do appreciate your interest in making my wife’s life more comfortable and pain free.”

Your Service Fills a Serious Need

“My wife’s visit to the dentist’s office almost two years ago, was traumatic for her, me and the dentist’s staff , caused by the mere mechanics of transferring her from the wheelchair to the dentist’s couch. Your service fills a serious need!”

It’s a Godsend!

“For my wife, incapacitated with Parkinson’s Disease, unable to leave her nursing home without a great deal of preparation, it’s a godsend knowing that her dental health can be maintained within the building.”

Worth the Drive

“After retiring and moving to the coast, my wife and I went to several dentists for prophylaxis and checkups. Not being satisfied with the thoroughness of the dentist’s work we went back to Mrs. Boothby in Sacramento because we felt the better treatment justified the four hour drive each way.”

A Special Sense of Caring

“I very much appreciate you helping my son. You conveyed a special sense of caring and knowledge… sharing information that will benefit his life.”

We Rely on People Like You

“Families like mine need and rely on people like you. Life is not well or easy at times and I appreciate the care and competence you displayed.”

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